1. Bring your own bottle of hand sanitizer and wash your hands as much as you can due to high touch points on ballots, papers, and pens. 

2. Individuals will be touching something or handing something off that another person has touched. You’re going to need to practice good hand hygiene to avoid contaminating their hands and then possibly infecting themselves with the virus. 

3. Wear a mask. 

4. Stay at least six feet away from others. 

5. Remember, there could be individuals who feel healthy, they feel that it is safe for them to go to the polling place and we actually know that they can shed the virus just by talking. 

6. Doctors are also encouraging you to find other ways to vote like sending in your absentee ballot while still practicing good hygiene and social distancing. 

7. Doctors also want you to know that you should try to wear a cloth face mask. They say medical and surgical masks should only be used by healthcare workers since they are directly working with patients who have COVID-19. 

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