Lawrence (Larry) T. Boschulte was born and raised in the United States Virgin Islands on the island of St. Thomas. He is a 3rd generation Virgin Islander and his maternal family has resided on the island of St. Thomas since 1890.

Lawrence has been a small business owner for well over 25 years. Over two and a half decades, he has slowly built an emerging conglomerate of three distinct businesses: 1) Second Nature – a successful consulting firm offering advisory, logistical, and site location scouting services for film and video productions; 2)  ICBW – a tour company providing tours, local excursions and transportation for physically-challenged tourists debarking from cruise ships or visiting local hotels; and, 3) Solberg Farm Consulting – a consulting company offering advisory services to various hotels and ports on St. Thomas as it pertains to horticultural practices.

Lawrence has been a local radio host since 2013, offering the community current-event topics and issues that inform the community of happenings that are of importance, and of interest. He can be heard on WSTA 1340AM, and

Lawrence has eight years of public service experience working for the Government of the Virgin Islands (GVI) in the following roles: Administrator for the St. Thomas/St. John and Water Island district, Special Assistant to the Commissioner of the Department of Property and Procurement, and at the Department of Planning and Natural Resources. Additionally, Lawrence expanded his knowledge of local and federal governance when he was competitively selected to be a Congressional Fellow working on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC to address various cultural and environmental issues at both the federal and local levels.

Prior to working with the GVI, he volunteered his services to Friends of the National Parks Advisory Council, Boys & Girls Club, and was a member of Toastmasters, International.

Lawrence was a former member of the Board of Elections and served as chairman for six of the 16 years he served on the board. During his tenure, he played an instrumental role in the updating of voting machines and computerizing polling check points. He was the only certified election registration administrator (CERA) board member and was also responsible for active membership and contributions to the St. Thomas/ St. John District Board.

Lawrence is a graduate of Xavier University with a bachelor’s in business administration and entrepreneurial studies. He is married and has one daughter.