To create a more prosperous USVI, two thoughts come to mind: 1) eliminating food insecurity via a strong agricultural sector, and 2) creating more welcoming immigration and visa policies.

The greatest security that is needed for the USVI is food security. Achieving food security throughout the territory is why agriculture must be central to our development plan. A strong agricultural sector not only feeds us but would also create new and more prosperous entrepreneurs. This is the real power that the Virgin Islander needs!  

The USVI has always been a place of welcome for immigrants. We are all connected by heritage to people of the Caribbean islands that surround us. Many of them already trade extensively with the mainland in the United States; therefore, it is imperative that the USVI adopt a more strategic approach to building stronger economic bridges to facilitate more trade with our islands.

To make this ideal a reality, a more welcoming immigration and visa policy is required to ease access for families, businesses, and individual men and women. Unlike earlier decades, implementing a new approach to immigration and visa requirements today could ultimately expand our visitor arrivals from neighboring islands, of which, some are enjoying economic prosperity.